kedd, január 28, 2014

The sphinx

The girl's name is Flow -the Flow experience is a state of the function of the mind, for which one the man sinks in what he or she does just totally on his/her row, from which is filled up with energy, takes a part in it totally, gives herself or himself up to the process totally, and takes delight in it.
Flow is a graceful beauty with all the features that a sphinx cat has. I put all my fantasy in her.
I modelled her head from fimo at first, and then I covered with textile. Her eyes are real glass eyes, directly made for her by a Hungarian artist. The inside of the eyes are coloured to emphasize her reality. Only the black eyelashes raise her beautiful look.

The body's frame is wire that gives the base of her attitude.  I covered with textile and with my unique method I covered her with real leather and leatherette, these emphasize her wrinkles.   
Her skin's colour is light caramel and maroon.

Gabi (Sieve)

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